Different Types of Online Roulette

A few years ago, playing Roulette would be a fun-filled activity that involves you visiting the local casino, heading out the wager, placing a bet, and claiming your winnings. In the Brick and Mortar casinos, the variety of Roulette games are limited you could play, as well as cash you would use to place your bet. Besides that, any types of casino – whether it’s online or land-based, brings a variety of Roulette games that offer not only different design, but also rules, tricks, and strategies used during the playing process.

Difference between Online Roulette and Land-based Roulette

You should keep in mind if we are talking about differences that there are only three main types of Roulette available, such as:

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette

Many more Roulettes are also available that we discussed later. You can easily find the differences when making a comparison of American Roulette with others. However, the main difference is “0” which is responsible for increasing the winning odds up to 36:1. After making a simple calculation, we can say that the house edge at America Roulette is 5.4%, while on other Roulette we found the House Edge only 2.7%. Therefore, the majority of professional gamblers suggest everyone keep away from American Roulette.

How to Understand the Components?

Did you know? You can enjoy a massive variety of Roulette on PC and Mac with the comfort of your house thanks to Online Gambling. Apart from that, the first thing that comes to your mind for sure is that where to start. Therefore, we are here to let you know the best Online Casinos with the best range of Roulette Games.

Roulette Variations

At a first glance, let us introduce variations of Roulette and their differences which is good to know and help you decide your favorite one. Different types of variations are available and mentioned below.

European Roulette

When playing in European Roulette, you have options to place your bet on 1 to 36, Black or Red, or even the columns. You should know that the European Roulette contains only a single “0” which means the house edge will be only 2.7%.

American Roulette

It brings double “00” to the table that increases the house edge to 5.26%. Therefore, you should be aware of every rule and strategies, before heading out to American Roulette.

French Roulette

Similar to European Roulette, it works in the same manner but brings two different bets such as La Partage Insurance and En Prison to the table to return half of the money to the customer if zero lands.

Live Dealer Roulette

Using the Internet, you can place your bet online along with a real dealer in action. With no doubt, it makes the Live Dealer Roulette preferable and amazing.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Are you fed up waiting for one wheel to complete the spin? If yes, then why not place your bet on up to eight tables simultaneously.

Multi-Ball Roulette It gives you a chance to play three balls on the same wheel. Playing Multi-Ball Roulette allows you to improve your Long-term Odds.

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